This is a little overview on gems I wrote and published in the past.

You can find the gems itself at , documentations are available here.

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Build Snapshots for usage with Beyond compare 3

Beyond compare 3 is a file and folder comparison tool. The folder compare allows to generate snapshots.

This gem allows an alternate way to generate a snapshot. In opposite to BC3, this tools offers you possibilities to manipulate the snapshot.

You may simulate changes in your folder structure, merge snapshots...

More about Beyond compare at

This tool is a result of the following question:

For bc3_db_compare see

more ⇒ bc3


Some extensions for the date class:

more ⇒ date_tools


The docgenerator-package allows the definition of documents and export to

This package is the base of

more ⇒ docgenerator


Some document generator based on docgenerator.


This gem is obsolete since docgenerator 2.0.0. yaml2presentation becomes it's own gem, the other parts are integrated to docgenerator.

more ⇒ docgenerator_tools


Build DTAUS-Files. DTAUS is a data medium exchange file for Banks in Germany. It can be used for Direct debit

more ⇒ DTAUS


The more_unit_test-package extends test/unit with some additional tests:

In addition you get a function to catch outputs on stdout and stderr:

more ⇒ more_unit_test


Define rake processes to build LaTeX projects. Calls (La)TeX as often as needed, checks index and bibTeX.

more ⇒ rake4latex


Build excel documents with Ruby/Winole

more ⇒ rexcel


Call (La)TeX as often as needed.

OBSOLETE, there is a project rake4latex.

more ⇒ runtex


Add todo and fixme to your code and get track of your todos during runtime of your code.

more ⇒ todonotes